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Floor Plans



Poster Areas / Other

Blue Level (Basement)

Rooms B1–B16

Blue Posters (Hall XL)
Blue Posters (Hall X)
Blue Posters (Hall Y)
Geo Cinema
PICO Spots 1–2
Job Spot
EGU & Friends
Photo Competition
Exhibition Rocks around the Rainbow
Council Meeting Room (by invitation only)

Yellow Level (Ground Floor)

Rooms Y1–Y11

Yellow Posters & Registration (Hall Z)
PICO Spot 3
EGU Info Desk
Poster Print Service
Meeting Point
EGU Lounge
Press Centre

Green Level (First Floor)

Rooms G1–G13

Child Care
Green Posters

Red Level (Second Floor)

Rooms R1–R14

Red Posters (Hall A)
Young Scientists’ Lounge
Editor's Lounge

Purple Level (Third Floor)

Rooms P1–P6

EGU Council (by invitation only)