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Booth Plan EGU & Friends

The opening times of the EGU2015 Exhibition are as follows:

Monday, 13 April to Thursday, 16 April: daily from 09:00–18:00
Friday, 17 April 2015: 09:00–17:00

Booths Layout

There are two general types of booth layouts, Booth and Display, while Displays are reserved for non-profit organizations only:

  • A standard Booth (Small, Medium, or Large; booth numbers 01–63 and G07–G18) consists of aluminum sections with white melanin coated panels. The front panel consists of an aluminium frame containing a white melanin-coated panel with the exhibitor's name. Furthermore, the booth provides grey carpeting, single phase earthed 2000 W - 220 V electricity, including one plug 220 V and one spotlight with 100 W per 3 sqm (Booth scheme). Any furniture must be ordered separately (Expoxx). A wired internet connection with 1 Mbps is included in the booth rental. Higher bandwidth connections can be ordered separately (contact supplier H82).
  • A Display (booth numbers G01–G06 and G19–G24) consists of 1 poster board, 1 table, 2 chairs, wired internet connection (1 Mbps). These Displays are reserved for Non-Profit organizations only.

Please note that you receive a dynamic IP address for the internet connection. However, if you require a static IP address, please contact us by email.

The rental includes cleaning and waste disposal on the setup day (Sunday, 12 April 2015). However, cleaning and waste disposal during the conference week must be ordered separately. Furniture is not included in the booth rental and must also be ordered separately. The cleaning and waste disposal, as well as furniture, can be ordered via Expoxx. Please also contact Expoxx in case you would like to order a special booth banner (e.g. with coloured letters or logo, etc.) .

Setup and Dismantling

Setup: Exhibitors are expected to build up their display on Sunday, 12 April 2015, 09:00–18:00.

Dismantling: Exhibitors are expected to pull down their display on Friday, 17 April 2015, 17:30–20:00.

Due to safety and logistical reasons it is not possible to remove any equipment before Friday, 17:30.
Exhibitors who will bring or remove their material by car only are kindly requested to use Gate 1 (Tor 1, access overview – access in detail) for delivery respectively pick-up. There will be freight elevators available from Gate 1 (Level U3) to the exhibition area (Level OE). Parking is possible on Deck 1 (Level 1) and Deck 2 (Level 2).

Exhibitors using a forwarding agency have to follow the instructions provided by IML. Those exhibitors will find their material in their particular booth. Your material has to be at the congress centre at the very latest on Tuesday, 07 April 2015.

Please note, that the EGU/Copernicus will not cover any transportation or storage costs.


Limited parking is available at Austria Center Vienna. Exhibitors are encouraged to use public transit or taxi.

The ACV charges the following fees for parking:

  • up to 30 min: free
  • 1 hour: €3
  • Every additional hour: €1

Daily Maximum: €10

For pass holders following tariffs are valid:

  • per week: €30
  • per month: €65

Replacement of a lost ticket: €45

For further infos please contact: Hannes Kriser +43-676-3199530.


EGU will provide security in the exhibit area during all off-hours and will take reasonable precautions to safe guard exhibitor's property. Exhibitors are encouraged to remove any valuable items from the exhibit area each evening.